Sunday, 1 September 2013

Inspired by Global Fashion and the House of Fraser

Recently I perused the House of Fraser website where they’re running a competition, asking bloggers to put together an outfit inspired by a fashionable city. The city I’ve chosen is famous for quirky style as well as cool individuality. I tried to pick pieces that reflected that.

This shirt is just cool. With so many people wearing label tops that say things like “nerd” and “geek” it’s a bit hard to be a bit different from the pack. But not with this top.  I think I’d rather be a “homie” than a “nerd” anyway. 

This amazing skater skirt is another on trend piece that is just that bit different. I love the update of the skirt with this metallic gold colour.

To accessorize this I would use a bit of androgynous flair by adding braces and skull covered gloves.

In the summer you could go bare legged but I chose to add these gorgeous mock knee high tights. I love the gold bangle to add a bit of bling.

Finally what this city has more than anything is edge and these black leather boots have that in spades. 

I love this look and here’s hoping the folks at House of Fraser like it too. Can you guess which city I chose?

New York

Till next time beauties,

xx Deja

Monday, 1 July 2013

Bag Lady

Honestly, what do you think is inside? What does, Alan Garner, aka one quarter of the Wolfpack have inside of his “man-bag?” I’m punting for baby wipes, aspirin, eye drops and a phone card but who knows.

In fact this could lead to quite an addictive game: Guess the Man Bag Swag. 

But I digress.

I’m writing today after a bit of a hiatus for an incredible reason. To share what gets me through the day. To be inspired to write more. To open myself up…or at least my handbag. are running an amazing competition to win my dream handbag here and that was enough to make me shout “a handbag?!” Oscar Wilde style.

But then I got all paranoid. What if people judge me based on the contents of my handbag? In an episode of Boy Meets World (90's teen romantic comedy featuring such name treats as Tapanga, Minkus and Mr Feeny) Shawn finds a handbag whose contents enthrall him. Shakespeare sonnets, classical music, cinema stubs, sweets and lip gloss all lead Shawn to one conclusion: the owner is his one true love. 

Now the power of 90's teen sitcoms aside, how amazing would it be to be able to express who you are through the contents of your handbag and how would you protect this part of yourself?’s contest also highlights this point by asking bloggers to think about the cost of the contents in their handbags.

So here it is.

My bag is a white leather handbag from brand Valentina. It was an ebay buy and cost me the grand total of £15. I love it and of course the very cheap price tag. 

My jewel in the crown is my hot pink Ted Baker purse. I love the shiny pinkness (is that a word?) and the gorgeous patent design just slicks away scuffs and dirt. But more expensive than most bags I own at £59.

A fan of 60's cat eyes and Bardot glamour, I never leave home without my eyeliner pen (£5) and my BeneFit They’re Real mascara (£18). And I feel extra gorgeous when sporting hot pink lipstick by Barry M (£5). Then just to channel my inner movie star even more I sport large sunnies on the rare occasion the sun comes out to play. These came from River Island and cost £15.

Hay fever sufferer, sad movie watcher and occasional sneezer, I always need a pack of tissues on hand and these wrapped in leopard print (my fave) called my name at £1 for 6 packs.

A self-confessed nerd, I also love to read and am currently making my way through the veryyyy long Anna Karenina on my Kindle (£169) which I'm sure makes me very cultured indeed (or just more of a dweebus). When not reading I’m mouthing along to Macklemore’s Thrift Shop on my iPod (£150).

I’ve lost my phone (£100) twice and twice it has been returned to me. The power of people never ceases to amaze me.  Pictures of my dog fill the sim card and first texts from my boyfriend from years gone by are forever saved. My keys let me into home and work (maybe I should separate them) but I know I’m lucky to have both. 

And at a total cost of £537 I’m shocked at how much so few things can be worth!

I loved leafing through my handbag, if not just to see an up to date version of myself and wonder, would my boy find my bag and fall in love with me? I hope so. Here’s hoping fell in love with this entry and who knows, maybe next time you see my next “What’s inside my handbag?” post I might be opening up a Mulberry.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Say Cheese!

People get stressed out by their jobs. The angry eyes of any foamy-mouthed celebrity caught bare faced by the paparazzi is a testament to this. “Calm down,” you want to coo and hand them a herbal green tea.

But I understand where they’re coming from. I too get incredibly stressed by my job and struggle to find ways to relax. My job can leave psychological and sometimes physical scars (don’t ask) but excites and interests me so I take the good with the bad.  Apparently eating my height in milky bars and singing “Build Me Up Buttercup” on repeat is anti-social (damn neighbours), but I do need a release that won’t leave me with serious vocal strain or 10 pounds heavier.

I love looking at fashion blogs and perusing the latest glossy to let my mind drift into retail therapy heaven (without opening my purse once).  So, I thought cleverly stroking my chin, what can I do to really delve into my hobby and leave the stresses of the daily grind behind?

Become a supermodel!

Hmm, no I love chocolate too much.

Design couture wear!

Hmm, I’m not comfortable knowing people might go outside in something Judy Jetson might wear.

Photograph the front row set at Fashion Week!

Wait, does that sound so ludicrous? What’s wrong with indulging my love of great clothes and fashion by attending shows, writing about up and coming trends and taking photos of great street fashion? It’s a million miles away from my day job and I would love it. I've often ignored this aspiration because I didn't think I could get in to it. Blogging and writing is also hard without great photos and I don’t have a digital camera (mine blew up, hence my hiatus). But if money were no object, what is more stylish than this baby?

“That’s not going to revolutionize your life!” I hear you say. But what is more revolutionary than having something that literally opens up a whole new world to you? With the Canon EOS 500 I could take photos of my favourite fashion looks (questionable ones too) and become the fashionista features writer I've always dreamt of. Imagine that, me-time with no work phone, no clients and no need for plasters. I want to write more, take more pictures and grow my blog. In 2013 that would make me happy and blissful indeed. The millions of pictures I could take of my dog would just be an added bonus. 

This an entry into the competition here

Till next time beauties,


Friday, 31 August 2012

Next and Send Challenge: Message Received

Imagine spending £20,248 in one day. And you don’t walk away with a single Mulberry handbag. 

Harsh, right?

According to this article here that’s the average cost of a wedding this year. Whilst some brides think it’s worth every penny, there might be some who feel they should be spending less. Other star-crossed lovers delay the big day for months or even years to scrimp and save.

 It’s no surprise that a huge chunk of that budget goes on that all-important dress, suits and other fashion accessories.  The typical cost of the dress is around £1500. But I like a challenge people. What if you had to style the wedding for a fraction of the average price?
What like, £10,000? £5000? £1000?!?

No. £500.

Say what?!

Yep, you heard right. Budget: £500. Mission: One snazzy wedding. 

Well that was the brief from Next and  Kat from wedding planning website,  

Sometimes people think cheap means trashy. In fact some of you might be thinking trash collecting would be the only way to dress the wedding party on that budget

Enter the ultra-personal and relaxed wedding with a hint of DIY craft magic.
Think country barns, jam jar vases, lace doilies, wood painted white and anything with a rose print.

And most importantly think of a day centred on the bride and groom with lots of personal touches. This style is associated with Shabby Chic and I love it.

So what would a bride wear to a Shabby Chic wedding? 

This beautiful tiered lace dress, lace shoes and pearl accessories have that easy romantic charm that would make any man swoon.  Kick off the heels for the evening and throw on some cowboy boots.

And the groom?

Who says a man needs a jacket to look smart? I can just imagine my floppy haired prince standing at the end of the aisle in his waistcoat and herringbone trousers smiling sheepishly at me.

And for the girls standing by the bride’s side:

Dress, Wreath, Shoes Total: £83

Who needs to spend lots of dosh on fresh flowers when carrying these rose wreaths would be extra sweet.

And the day wouldn’t be complete without styling the venue to look gorgeous and romantic. Add candles, bird cages and rose fairly lights to create a dreamy atmosphere.

Allow guests to add their own personal touch to the wedding. How about using the memo board so guests can write messages to the happy couple:

Then add your own personal touches like dressing the tables with wild flowers (or silk ones) in jam jars and candles. I stuck some silk flowers I had into clean jars and placed them on the table. I think they look gorge and it’s a great way to reuse and recycle. 

So that’s my gorgeous, romantic wedding on a budget with some awesome pieces from Next. And how much did it cost? £495. Not too shabby, huh?

All the details of the competition can be found here.

Till next time lovelies,

Deja xx

Fresh Start

Dear Readers,

It's been a while, but don't worry, in the time I was away I was busy making myself employed (whoo hooo!), housed (double whoo-hoo!) and healthier (whoooooo hoooooo!).

Forgive me, but I'm baaaaaaack!

Later lovelies,

Deja xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Treat

What could be more of a treat than David Beckham? Whether you're single or attached, this video will appeal on VDay. Promise.

Who says men can't be pieces of meat?

Till next time beauties,

Deja xx

The Mother of All Fashion Weeks

When Sister Act 2 came out I was pretty sure the fashion pinnacle could get no higher than Lauryn Hill in her wide leg trousers and peach top. 

But the biggest influence on my love of fashion and beauty has been my mother. She wore suits with shoulder pads, red lipstick and super high heels. She was a business woman and wanted to look the part. Sometimes bold and eccentric, she once picked me up from school sporting a new platinum blonde do. Now her power suits are in the back of the cupboard but it hasn’t stopped me from loving the power and confidence her clothes gave her. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Domenico Dolce said “Style is all about the attitude of the person, her way of being. You can’t learn it. You either have it or you don’t.” She has it.

Style is in abundance in New York with gorgeous prints at Cynthia Rowley, the lace, leather and dark colour scheme at Jason Wu and the fairytale theme at Marc Jacobs. What can I say I’m a sucker for Disney. 

I can close my eyes and imagine the excitement, the thrill of seeing fashion as it happens and being able to blog about it. I’m so excited I put together an outfit in homage to the marrying of colour and texture at William Okpo. 

Mum never got to go to a fashion week, but I hope one day she can live vicariously through me.