Thursday, 31 January 2013

Say Cheese!

People get stressed out by their jobs. The angry eyes of any foamy-mouthed celebrity caught bare faced by the paparazzi is a testament to this. “Calm down,” you want to coo and hand them a herbal green tea.

But I understand where they’re coming from. I too get incredibly stressed by my job and struggle to find ways to relax. My job can leave psychological and sometimes physical scars (don’t ask) but excites and interests me so I take the good with the bad.  Apparently eating my height in milky bars and singing “Build Me Up Buttercup” on repeat is anti-social (damn neighbours), but I do need a release that won’t leave me with serious vocal strain or 10 pounds heavier.

I love looking at fashion blogs and perusing the latest glossy to let my mind drift into retail therapy heaven (without opening my purse once).  So, I thought cleverly stroking my chin, what can I do to really delve into my hobby and leave the stresses of the daily grind behind?

Become a supermodel!

Hmm, no I love chocolate too much.

Design couture wear!

Hmm, I’m not comfortable knowing people might go outside in something Judy Jetson might wear.

Photograph the front row set at Fashion Week!

Wait, does that sound so ludicrous? What’s wrong with indulging my love of great clothes and fashion by attending shows, writing about up and coming trends and taking photos of great street fashion? It’s a million miles away from my day job and I would love it. I've often ignored this aspiration because I didn't think I could get in to it. Blogging and writing is also hard without great photos and I don’t have a digital camera (mine blew up, hence my hiatus). But if money were no object, what is more stylish than this baby?

“That’s not going to revolutionize your life!” I hear you say. But what is more revolutionary than having something that literally opens up a whole new world to you? With the Canon EOS 500 I could take photos of my favourite fashion looks (questionable ones too) and become the fashionista features writer I've always dreamt of. Imagine that, me-time with no work phone, no clients and no need for plasters. I want to write more, take more pictures and grow my blog. In 2013 that would make me happy and blissful indeed. The millions of pictures I could take of my dog would just be an added bonus. 

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Till next time beauties,