Thursday, 18 August 2011

Win with Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks, the brand known for making those sexy little dresses, is running a competition on their Facebook page. You can win an item of your choice by creating a look using their clothes on Polyvore. All the details are on their page. Here are my entries.

Motel Rocks Chick

Hurry over to their Facebook page and enter. Who knows, you might win!
Till next time beauties,
Deja xx 

Dancing to the Afro-Beat of Drums

I recently went to see Fela!, the musical about the life of Afro-beat pioneer Fela Kuti. I didn't have a clue about the man or the music before I went to the show. It was incredible. An explosion of drums, dance and colour-with a social message. I'm not a Fela expert so I won't discuss him but I will say I've been discovering his music and I'm sold. A fusion of jazz, funk, soul and Latin music, it's literally music to my ears. The version above is from the Broadway show but it's currently on in London at Sadler's Wells until the end of the month.

I remember when going to the theatre was a very formal affair and  you had to dress accordingly. I'm not one to go to these kinds of events too casually but I was going to be spending the day in rainy London so my outfit had to be versatile. 


I love denim jackets and I've had this one for ages. It's from J.Crew, an American brand and I remember being shocked by how much it cost at the time but as it's lasted 7 years. I think that's good value for money. 

Denim Jacket-J.Crew
Dress and Lace trimmed tank-Monsooon
Bag-Vintage Louis Vuitton
Hair Band-New Look

I felt comfortable, happy and I enjoyed myself. What more could one want?

Till next time beauties,

Deja xx


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Review: Benefit Brow Bar

Brow, I mean, how are you doing? Well. You can forgive a slip of the tongue after seeing this pic of Fran from Dodgeball, the movie. You can never underestimate the comedic effect of a good unibrow. I, on the other hand, don't really enjoy excess brow hair. Nothing will make your face look brighter, happier and fresher than having your eyebrows shaped and I'm always on the lookout for a good salon that gives great service and great brows. I have had my share of horror stories on the way. 

This was me six years ago. Caterpillars I call those, but hey. I have quite thick eyebrows and you would think it would give people a lot of scope. You know, if you make a mistake there's plenty left to mask any problems. One lady (or should I say girl) waxed off half of one eyebrow, another dropped hot wax in my eye. I left a well known national spa chain with the worst eyebrow shape in the world (think horizontal walking sticks). 

I've threaded, waxed, plucked, and shaved (yes, shaved-don't ask) to achieve the perfect brow. This perfection has happened twice. Once when I visited a non-descript salon in New Jersey with a friend which I never visited again and the last time on a trip to the Benefit Brow Bar in Chicago's Lincoln Park. When I heard Benefit Cosmetics were bringing their Brow Bars to the UK I was super excited. I mean Chicago is quite far to go for the perfect brow shape. A month ago I popped into the Benefit Brow Bar in Bristol with my friend Mariam (shout-out!) and a couple of weeks later I visited another in Brighton. 

Here I am before!

Looking slightly crazy...

And here's me after!

This was after my visit to Brighton. The beautician was very chatty and nice and showed me the shape I would have before she started. She also offered to change anything once she was done. I have to admit that I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my brows and I like them to be as even as possible. One was slightly thinner than the other but I can sort that with a brow pencil. Next time I go I will ask them to leave a bit of the new hair under the thinner one and it should grow back full in no time! Personable, professional and good. I would thoroughly recommend Benefit Brow Bars. It cost £11 and I didn't have an appointment either time.There are 38 locations across the country.

Until next time beauties,

Deja xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Win with

So I wouldn't leave you all high and dry without addressing what I'm sure is a burning question. A mobile phone? Fashion event tickets? Paprika voucher? Did I hear that right, you won them? Yes, yes, I do like winning, but not in a Charlie Sheen kind of way. If I see a great competition to win pretty things I put my name in the hat. My mid-year resolution is to share these wonderful fashion competitions with you guys. Looking good is great but looking good for free is frickin amazing.

And in that vein you can win Nicole Scherzinger's look with Follow the instructions on their page by Wednesday and you could be walking away with a brand new LBD.

Till next time beauties,

Deja xx

Suits You Sir

Oh how I love playsuits. I used to shun them on the rack. They just looked uncomfortable and childish. I mean, a toilet run should never be difficult! Then I tried this one on. On sale at Primark a couple of seasons ago for the grand old sum of £5, it tempted me with it's leopard print goodness. Paired with my cowboy boots from Moda in Pelle (they make great boots!) and suspender-look tights (also from Primark) I felt both sexy and cute. I was well and truly playsuit-hooked.

Here are a few of my favourites.

And finally this lovely yellow beauty. I won £20 on Paprika's Facebook page and purchased this tootsuite (don't worry, I do know how to spell that but it just looks cuter that way).

I love the vintage look of this photo. I feel it's befitting of the playsuit. But I digress. Go on, try on a playsuit. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Till next time beauties!

Deja xx


So it's been a while since my last post but there's good reason for that. I've moved house and if you've ever moved house you'll realise how stressful and utterly horrible it is. I don't think I'm being dramatic when I say that moving house is like pulling teeth. Ok, I'm sorry to any of my toothless readers but I really don't like it. Anywho. This painting is how I've felt for the last few weeks of uprooting.

But it's not been all bad. In that time I've been very lucky. ran a competition for student fashion writers and I was runner-up! Besides boosting my confidence those lovely people at Freemans also bestowed onto me a shiny new Blackberry mobile. I've just finished a degree at Brighton University (more about that another time) and winning was a great way to sum up my time there.  

Not too much later I was informed that I won tickets to a fashion event hosted by's V-Team. These ladies are like a fashion, home interiors, technology and beauty crime fighting team. I think they might even have capes. There were delicious canapes, gorgeous cocktails, sparkling rose, racks of clothes to peruse and informative presentations. What I considered the biggest win of the night was the discovery of a certain dress.  

The Fearne Seagull Print Vintage Dress was worn by one of the presenters and I was immediately taken. The print. The cut. The colour. It just spoke to me. In fact I think it said "Deja, I can get boys to buy you ice cream." Ok, maybe it didn't say that but I'm sure they would. As you can tell, I love this dress. I knew Fearne Cotton did a collection for but I wanted to know if all the pieces were this delicious. It turns out they are.

 On Ebay Very has several listings in their clearance section including these Fearne Vienna Brogues for the incredible price of £5.50. I know, I can't believe it either. They actually come in coral (not black and white, guess they're sold out) but if you're looking to add a pop of colour to an outfit I can't think of a cheaper (or more stylish) way to do it.

Also in clearance is this Fearne Fringe Cocktail Dress. I will probably be commanded to appear in the next production of Chicago. I shall be needing this in that case.

The Fearne Double Poplum Dress is equally appealling. I'm starting to realise that Fearne does great cuts and vintage prints. I might have a girl crush. And there's more on ebay and Expect snaps of the V-Team event soonish.

Till next time beauties,

Deja xx