Sunday, 1 September 2013

Inspired by Global Fashion and the House of Fraser

Recently I perused the House of Fraser website where they’re running a competition, asking bloggers to put together an outfit inspired by a fashionable city. The city I’ve chosen is famous for quirky style as well as cool individuality. I tried to pick pieces that reflected that.

This shirt is just cool. With so many people wearing label tops that say things like “nerd” and “geek” it’s a bit hard to be a bit different from the pack. But not with this top.  I think I’d rather be a “homie” than a “nerd” anyway. 

This amazing skater skirt is another on trend piece that is just that bit different. I love the update of the skirt with this metallic gold colour.

To accessorize this I would use a bit of androgynous flair by adding braces and skull covered gloves.

In the summer you could go bare legged but I chose to add these gorgeous mock knee high tights. I love the gold bangle to add a bit of bling.

Finally what this city has more than anything is edge and these black leather boots have that in spades. 

I love this look and here’s hoping the folks at House of Fraser like it too. Can you guess which city I chose?

New York

Till next time beauties,

xx Deja