Thursday, 23 June 2011

Slipping on By

Poor Hyde Park. The Kings of Leon. Hard Rock Calling. Wireless Festival. These events are of course taking place in London's large open air space. I was there last night to see the Kings of Leon and the battering to the grass was evident. I really enjoyed the music but the muddy soup underfoot seemed to have sucked a few unlucky souls down with it. I saw a girl teeter by on cork platform sandals. The sexy/cute factor was kind of depleted by the slipping and muddy splatters. Poor girl.

I love listening to live music and to be outside with thousands of people can feel quite electrifying. I also love looking good but quite frankly I don't like looking the fool. So I thought it'd be great to have a gander at some fashionable footwear that wouldn't go amiss in a muddy field near you.

Hunter wellies are a wet weather classic. And a collaboration with Jimmy Choo? Sign me up! Ok so at £255 they're not exactly bargain bucket but they are pretty snazzy. I can dream.

So who says you need to wear wellies to a festival? Break the mold and quite frankly embrace you inner wild child with these biker beauties from Rocket Dog. Currently on sale for £39.99 I might be breaking out my leathers any day now.

So who's waded into the crowded waters of wellydom then? It's only our favourite flip flop brand Havaianas (how hard is that to spell!). These colourful bursts of sunshine for your feet are £50 and if they're as comfortable as their flip flops they might be worth every penny.

So these red wonders are not for the faint-hearted. Over the knee, fire-engine red rain boots? Whatever will they think of next? I think they're amazing but I have this weird thought that over the knee boots will make me walk like a robot. If you have no problem bending your knee like a normal person these babies will set you back $118 from Zappos. Sorry my European beauties, they don't ship internationally.

So what about the stylish man among us? I think these rain boots by Diesel fit the bill. Although lots of guys I know have this strange addiction to slopping around in the mud in flip flops. Maybe they like the squelch between their toes? If you or your fella decide to keep toes mud free these are £165.

So maybe you've seen something you've liked or something you've absolutely hated. Or you know of another amazing wet weather footwear choice. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think. Go on, wade in. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Told you I was bit of a geek.

Stay dry and fly beauties.


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