Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sour Lemons

So. Yes, this is a cake. Lemon drizzle supposedly. I did a bit of research before I made it to make sure it wouldn't be too dry. Suggestions ranged from adding applesauce, to omitting one egg white, to adding more sugar. Perhaps I shouldn't have tried all of those at once. Oh well. It did however get me thinking about how popular neons are at the moment and as it's a lovely sunny day I thought I'd pay tribute to my favourite summer colour, yellow. I'll try my hand at cake-baking another day. 

These pumps are Lemon Sours from Kandee shoes. I recently bought these in an amazing sample sale they had on facebook. They are seriously high and showy, so I'm slightly afraid I might get mistaken for a stripper when I wear them. Hey, if that's your bag, fine, but I don't want to give people the impression I have those kind of skills because I'm afraid I do not. Although I do really want to try pole dancing classes. Anywho I digress. They are on sale (yay) for £64.50. Half off! 

This bag has been on my wishlist for a while now. I saw someone at the pub with a red one
 and I could feel bag envy descending over me. There was only one thing wrong with it. It 
wasn't yellow. The Cambridge Satchel Company have been pumping these babies out to many 
a customer for years and there's a colour for everyone including a fluoro yellow if you want to 
shine even brighter! And it can be yours for £84.00. 

I love a good wrap dress. As a curvalicious diva I like to flatter my shape with good cuts and hide any lumps and bumps. What's that you say? You wouldn't wear a yellow dress? Slap on a bit of bronzer and go for it girl! £40.00 to look like the best lemon tart ever. Ok, maybe not a tart but you're sweet right?

I was looking through my wardrobe and I'm noticing that more and more of my clothes are black. I must change this and inject more bright colours. Summer's here!

Till next time,

Deja x

P.S. I've got a TRIPLE mascara review to post so check back for it :)


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