Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Suits You Sir

Oh how I love playsuits. I used to shun them on the rack. They just looked uncomfortable and childish. I mean, a toilet run should never be difficult! Then I tried this one on. On sale at Primark a couple of seasons ago for the grand old sum of £5, it tempted me with it's leopard print goodness. Paired with my cowboy boots from Moda in Pelle (they make great boots!) and suspender-look tights (also from Primark) I felt both sexy and cute. I was well and truly playsuit-hooked.

Here are a few of my favourites.

And finally this lovely yellow beauty. I won £20 on Paprika's Facebook page and purchased this tootsuite (don't worry, I do know how to spell that but it just looks cuter that way).

I love the vintage look of this photo. I feel it's befitting of the playsuit. But I digress. Go on, try on a playsuit. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Till next time beauties!

Deja xx


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