Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Review: Benefit Brow Bar

Brow, I mean, how are you doing? Well. You can forgive a slip of the tongue after seeing this pic of Fran from Dodgeball, the movie. You can never underestimate the comedic effect of a good unibrow. I, on the other hand, don't really enjoy excess brow hair. Nothing will make your face look brighter, happier and fresher than having your eyebrows shaped and I'm always on the lookout for a good salon that gives great service and great brows. I have had my share of horror stories on the way. 

This was me six years ago. Caterpillars I call those, but hey. I have quite thick eyebrows and you would think it would give people a lot of scope. You know, if you make a mistake there's plenty left to mask any problems. One lady (or should I say girl) waxed off half of one eyebrow, another dropped hot wax in my eye. I left a well known national spa chain with the worst eyebrow shape in the world (think horizontal walking sticks). 

I've threaded, waxed, plucked, and shaved (yes, shaved-don't ask) to achieve the perfect brow. This perfection has happened twice. Once when I visited a non-descript salon in New Jersey with a friend which I never visited again and the last time on a trip to the Benefit Brow Bar in Chicago's Lincoln Park. When I heard Benefit Cosmetics were bringing their Brow Bars to the UK I was super excited. I mean Chicago is quite far to go for the perfect brow shape. A month ago I popped into the Benefit Brow Bar in Bristol with my friend Mariam (shout-out!) and a couple of weeks later I visited another in Brighton. 

Here I am before!

Looking slightly crazy...

And here's me after!

This was after my visit to Brighton. The beautician was very chatty and nice and showed me the shape I would have before she started. She also offered to change anything once she was done. I have to admit that I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my brows and I like them to be as even as possible. One was slightly thinner than the other but I can sort that with a brow pencil. Next time I go I will ask them to leave a bit of the new hair under the thinner one and it should grow back full in no time! Personable, professional and good. I would thoroughly recommend Benefit Brow Bars. It cost £11 and I didn't have an appointment either time.There are 38 locations across the country.

Until next time beauties,

Deja xx


Spitting Glitter said...

Sigh of Relief...Tamed brows are the best!


Sian said...

I love this post, perfect brows are so hard to get but it looks like they did an amazing job, may have to check them out sometime!!

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