Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fashion for Free?

So it’s been verified that someone in the UK has won £40 million pounds in the Euro Millions Lottery. And I can now reveal...that it wasn’t me. But who hasn’t imagined what it’d be like to be rolling in the dough? My friend and I have already made a pact that if one of us wins we’ll become “ladies who lunch.” But what if suddenly you had access to free money overnight? The stats are that that is quite unlikely. But is it?

I have just discovered website It does what it says on the tin, so fashion-addicted shoppers can peruse all their favourite high street shops, buy items with fantasy money and build their dream wardrobe! You can collect a payday every hour and get badges and rewards for interacting with the site. It’s marketed itself as a completely social way to shop.

Some of you might be totally frustrated by a website like this. I mean I hate shopping when I’m broke and how much satisfaction can you get from collecting clothes that you don’t actually own? I hear you on that but I do like creating outfits. Other websites like ASOS Fashion Finder and Polyvore are examples of how popular this is. also gives you the opportunity to win real shopping vouchers in special events which is why I was initially attracted. 

Here is an outfit I created for an event called "It's a Date." My date night outfit is available for the entire community to comment on and like. 

So if you like shopping, having the whole of the high street at your fingertips and connecting with other passionate clothes enthusiasts then perhaps this site is for you. Sign up here to get shopping and whilst you're there please feel free to like my current outfit here! I hope you follow me and I’ll follow you back!

Until next time beauties,

Deja xx


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