Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tech Me Out:

Have you ever found yourself knee deep in wireless access points, registries and widgets (whatever they are)? If all that sounds like gobbledygook to you you’re not alone. Sometimes when we think of tech we picture nerds. Yep, pocket protectors and all. That’s not a diss to nerds by the way. I am one of you gentle folk. Anywho, I digress. The fact of the matter is I actually love technology and if you’re reading this on your mobile, retweeting the details to your friends and sharing this on facebook, odds are, you love tech too.

But I’m the first to admit I don’t always understand what certain things mean. I have done simple registry repairs in the past with the help of some incredibly knowledgeable forum users and whenever my Blackberry playbook decided to do its own thing and stay firmly switched off there was a bevy of cyber heroes waiting in the wings with answers to my questions. I also love the fact that consumer information has never been so accessible. Remember when you would buy a camera, a phone or even a laptop without doing much research? Eek! Now all that stuff is on the net for you.

I recently stumbled upon tech website

It describes itself as “a tech blog that covers Apple, Android, Microsoft, Google, Gadgets, and internet news” with its main aim to “have a database of sharp, accurate, informative, and useful contents.” Well that’s a claim and a half, right? I decided to have a mooch around the site to see if it could find a place in my very exclusive collection of helpful and handy tech websites.

My first impressions are good. The navigation bar at the top of the website provides an easy way for users to look around the page. The best way to get a large subscriber base is to make sure anyone can access it. And it means I don’t have to trawl through the millions of iPhone posts I might have encountered on other sites. 

There certainly seems to be an emphasis on providing breaking news to the discerning tech fan. Lots of posts talk about upcoming releases and product updates and high resolution pictures and easy to read text ensure all readers can access the information.

But is it, as the advert says, “informative and useful?” Well yes and no. It depends what you want to you use the site for. My favourite section is labelled “Internet.” It’s got more tips and tricks that odd socks in grandpa’s sock drawer. I now know that there are Facebook games that I shouldn’t be missing out on and the must have add-ons for internet browsers. For someone who spends a significant amount of time on the internet that’s the kind of stuff I wanna know.

So what isn’t useful? Well, I doubt the Telecom section will get your motor running. There may be better platforms to compare phone tariffs and deals but who knows this may be expanding and will include more for European users.

All in all I would use this site again for a variety of purposes. So if you find yourself caught out in a proverbial tech storm this website might just be the answer. Turning it off, then on again can’t always work.

P.S. Some of you might be thinking, why has she chosen to write about this?? I’m sure many of you blog or use your computer to upload make-up looks, OOTD and video tutorials. We need tech too!

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