Sunday, 22 January 2012

Throwing Away the Falsies?

I’m jumping on the Benefit bandwagon and I finally bought their new mascara, “They’re Real.” I’d never normally spend £18.50 pounds on a mascara but there I was in the shop being sweet-talked by a shop assistant with words like “new stock,” “sold out” and “exclusive” being batted around. Suddenly my hand was in my purse, cash was handed over and it was all over in minutes. And to my shame, after she applied the mascara I thought it was good but not great. No better than my favourite False Lash Effect mascara to be exact. That was until I applied it myself at home (or in the car to be more precise). 

Before Mascara.

After application to one eye I looked up and the magic had begun!

After both eyes were done I was sold. This is the longest my lashes have looked with mascara 
and I think I might swear off the sticky messes that are false eyelashes. It didn’t smudge 
when I rubbed my eye during the day and my lashes didn’t feel crunchy. Now I’d love it if it 
didn’t take a million coats to achieve this look, so be careful when putting it on because too 
much can make you lashes looked weighed down. I’d even like a bit more separation.

All in all, I’m loving this mascara and I hope to have an even better experience when I apply it in a stationary setting!

Until next time beauties,

Deja xx


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